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How I started

I have always loved to bake and create desserts that make people happy, but didn't really get into cake decorating until 12 years ago.  I started with the Wilton Cake Courses, reading books, watching YouTube, and teaching myself and making as many cakes as I could.  Then wanting more of a challenge and to increase my skills, I traveled and have taken classes from famous cake decorators around the world such as Mike McCarey, Lauren Kitchens, Sharon Wee,  Kara Andretta, Paul Bradford, Dawn Butler, Nicholas Lodge and many more.  I am still constantly creating with new techniques, learning new things, and love a challenge.  

I feel that cakes should not only be beautiful, but taste amazing as well.  So I take pride in using the best ingredients and recipes to create a cake that you will love.  ​

One of the things I love about being a custom cake decorator is designing cakes that are unique and specific for that customer.  Designs for my cakes often reflect a hobby or something personal that they love.  Sometimes the cake is so unique that guests at the party do a double take because they can't believe it is cake! I love to make your celebrations unforgettable. 



But if elegant and beautiful are your style don't worry!  I love making those as well!  Anything that makes your celebration unforgettable is what I shoot for. To take your breath away not only in the design, but also with each bite.  I often have found that my customers will order more cake than they need just so they have left overs!  

Petal Effect cake with flowers
Ombre Ruffle cake

Nut Free and Gluten Free Cakes

I also make Cakes for clients that have nut allergies and also gluten free cakes.  I start by having separate bowls and tools specifically labeled as such, but also deep clean all my tools and work space to make sure to rid the kitchen of cross contaminates.  I also use ingredients that I have confirmed are processed in safe facilities.  It is well worth all the extra work to make professional cakes available to you and your families!  

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